Is giving thanks useful?

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner in the US and I would like to avail myself of this great opportunity to thank all those who open their mailboxes every Sunday and Wednesday mornings to read a piece from my writings. Without you there would have been no blog, so thank you!

If at any moment, I inspired or motivated you to take action towards unleashing your full potential, if I ever shared a thought that challenged the way you look at things and stimulated a new approach for the better; I would like to thank you one more time for giving me the opportunity to serve.

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There are many blessings in giving thanks, so we are indebted to whoever gives us the opportunity to do so. It is said that being grateful makes us happier and healthier, it also enable us to see more blessings. We always have something to be grateful for even though sometimes it may not seem like it for some folks. There are lot of things we take for granted. Imagine being able to breath on your own, to walk without assistance or to wake up in the morning and have a floor to put your feet on. How about having a roof over your head on cold winter night? What about being

How to cure yourself from learned helplessness?

Have you given up on a dream of yours lately? Did you think, because you failed in the past in what you were pursuing, that you will get the same result. If these thoughts have crossed your mind, then you might me suffering from learned helplessness. This might be a familiar concept to you, but it was totally new to me when I first heard it from Anthony Robbins. Not knowing anything about learned helplessness, even though I suffered from it, I went researching the term and the following is what I found out. 

“The concept of learned helplessness was discovered accidentally by psychologists Martin Seligman and Steven F. Maier. They had initially observed helpless behavior in dogs that were classically conditioned to expect an electrical shock after hearing a tone. Later, the dogs were placed in a shuttlebox that contained two chambers separated by a low barrier. The floor was electrified on one side, and not on the other. The dogs previously subjected to the classical conditioning made no attempts to escape, even though avoiding the shock simply involved jumping over a low barrier.”

The dogs which were subjected to electrical shock believe they had no control over their situation. So they accepted their plight and did nothing. Now humans are not very different when it comes to

Are you really worthy of Success?

Reading the title, you might be thinking that it is a silly question, that of course you are worthy of success, but really, are you? Deep down inside you, do you feel worthy of being successful? The fact of the matter is many people do not even think about this at all, until the question is asked. It is natural tendency to believe that one should be successful. However, many are the people with this belief, whose feelings and wants are not congruent with their actions.


Personally, I truly believe that every human being is worthy of success, including you and yes I mean you. My faith on that is based on the fact that our Creator did not make any junk, we were all created in His own image. So really the world is our oyster, we can be, do, have anything that is in our hearts desire provided that we work on one thing and one thing only and that is our sense of worthiness.