Forget about new year’s resolutions!

A new year, a new you, right? Will it become reality this time around? Every January 1st, so many people commit to paper new resolutions, only to forget about them by February 2nd. How many times have you decided to do something and did not follow through? How many of your new year’s resolutions did you accomplish last year, or the year before? You don’t need to answer those questions, but you know in your heart what the reality is.  Many people  abandon their goals or break the promises they make to themselves every new year because they become uncomfortable. Comfort is a word cherished by the masses, but what they fail to realize is that success does not live in the comfort zone.

This year instead of making a list of resolutions you won’t follow, try investing in yourself. The most important investment you will ever make, is the one you make in yourself. However until you know and value who you are you will never take that leap. Given the fact that you are the most important person living, why would you take yourself lightly? Your Maker didn’t! He made you unique and in His own image. He gave you all the power you need you to be, do, have your heart’s desires. But you are stopping you, by not investing in yourself, no one else is. You are like a very fertile soil, whatever you sow in that soil, you will reap in great abundance.

When you think of investment in the financial arena, the higher the ROI, (return on investment) the higher the risks. The good news is when you invest in yourself, there are no risks, only rewards. So what are you waiting for and how do you invest in you? You might be waiting for the right time, which is just an illusion. The time is never right, there will always be something that will prevent you from doing something else. You just have to prioritize and start now. You can invest in yourself by reading good personal development books (or listening to them in audio format), learning new skills, attending seminars in your field. The list can go on and on, it all depends on what you want to do with your life.

Whatever the case know this: there are no plateaus in life, you are either climbing or sliding. The only way you can maintain your balance on a bike is by moving, if you stand still you are going to fall, life is no different. Wherever you work, if you refuse to keep up with new skills or new technologies coming out every year, your job is on the line. For instance being a computer literate is no longer a fancy skill it is now a basic necessity in the workplace.

Investing in and developing yourself is the way to the top. Two friends, John and Paul are savvy engineers with Phds, they now have the job of their dreams at a big firm. John is the best employee in terms of attendance and getting the job done. However Paul gets promotion after promotion, leaving his friend at the bottom of the ladder where they started. What is Paul’s secret? He spends his evenings and weekend reading on personal development but also taking leadership and management classes. It is clear that his investment in himself is paying great dividends.

Investing in yourself will set you apart from the masses, but you must be willing to take the road less travelled. It will not be easy, but you have to be willing to do what’s uncomfortable today so that you can enjoy comfort tomorrow. You already have the gift of life, all you need now is to give yourself the gift of development, developing and unleashing the great powers in you, so that you can savor the best that life has to offer.

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Examine most carefully the things you desire most.

One of the key prerequisites for success is to know exactly what you, then and only then can you gather the necessary tools and attract the necessary help that will facilitate your achievement. If you are familiar with the writings of Dr. Napoleon Hill, you already know the importance he puts on having a definitely major aim. Today I am sharing with you his take on that subject, in clear, concise words that you might want to copy somewhere and read them from time to time as a reminder to cultivate the art of having a definite goal in life.

“Far too many people spend more time planning their weekends than their lives. Then they suddenly realize that life has passed them by and they weren’t even aware it was happening. When you intently study what you most desire in life, you begin to focus your mind and concentrate your energy upon that which you wish to achieve. One of the great advantages of having a definite goal for your life is that it helps you prioritize your activities. When your major purpose is clear in your mind, it is unnecessary to analyze each individual situation. You know automatically whether your actions will move you toward your goal or away from it. You can then use all of your resources — time, money, and energy — to best advantage.” Dr. Napoleon Hill


5 steps to creating a fabric of success for a life time

Booker T. Washington once said that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. Vince Lombardi, a great American football player and the former coach of the Green Bay Packers once observed that “once you agree upon the price you must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent’s pressure, and the temporary failures”.

Successsmall steps

Here we have two very interesting takes on success, but can we appreciate the meaning behind the words? What does success mean to you? In this post I will be sharing with you five steps you can take to create real success that will last a life time.

  • Definite success for yourself.
This is a very crucial step, you have to know exactly what success means to you. It is not the same for everyone, therefore you should not live by someone else’s standards neither should you abide by societal norms regarding this subject. Many are the people who look only at material belongings like cars, houses and many other mundane stuff as signs of success. Even though there is no denying that those things have the power of improving

I am going to make it no matter what…

How many times have you decided to do something and did not follow through? How many of your new year’s resolutions did you accomplish last year, or the year before? You can answer those questions however you want. The fact of the matter many people  abandon their goals or break the promises they make to themselves every new year because they become uncomfortable. Comfort is a word cherished by the masses, but what they fail to realize is that success does not live in the comfort zone.


It is a natural tendency to go back to what you know, what you are familiar with when the going gets tough, even if you know that’s not what you want. Anyone can have a dream but it takes a courageous person to keep on keeping on until that dream is realized. It takes some resolve and the determination of “I am going to make it not matter what” to achieved your life long dreams, because it will not be easy, setbacks and temporary

5 steps to become more accountable for your success

Accountability is defined by the webster’s dictionary as “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions”. It is a quality that is crucial for your success in anything. It is also a key characteristics to have if you want to gain people’s trust. Managers look for it when hiring, potential partners like to know you have it before going into business with you. I am identifying here five steps you can take to be more accountable.

Responsibilidad3 copy

1. Control your thoughts. You’ve certainly heard the saying, “we become what we think about”. Well, that statement is quite true because, how we think affects how we feel, which has a great deal of influence on the actions we take. That leads to forging our character. We are defeating ourselves if you do not control the conversations that take place in our heads. We are not learning anything, when we refuse to take responsibility and our first reaction to whatever happens to us is to lay the blame on someone else. We can give a lot of reasons as to why we did not get that promotion,

In this one life, how do you want to be remembered?

We all have one life, don’t we? So why in the world do some people act like they have many shots at it? I have no idea, but I know this: Life is too short to be spent wondering what you could have been, or could have done. We need to choose carefully how to live this one life, what to do in this one life, how to treat people in this one life, because, guess what? we will not have the chance to do it all over again once we pass. One way to help you live the best life possible, whatever that means for you, is to ask yourself “how do I want to be remembered”? Thinking about our legacy now, will help us focus on good choices, make the right decisions. At the end of the day people will remember us by how we lived not how we could have lived.


Your life is important and you only live once so make it right the first and only time! It is often said that success is a planned event, so should be your life if you want to be a meaningful specific instead of a wandering generality. Wandering generalities are not remembered when they pass. But how do you avoid being one? Follow three simple steps: find your passion, plan your purpose

Goal Setting: an important skill for Success

A beautiful definition of success that I have come across is by Earl Nightingale, in “The Strangest Secret”. He defines Success as being “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” this definition fits the origin of the word success which comes from the Latin SUCCEDERE, meaning “to go on well” this suggests to us that success is a journey, not a destination. Anyone on a journey needs a map or a guiding system; that would be your goals.