Why you can not afford not to be kind

In his book The power of Intention Dr. Wayne Dyer tells a story where her daughter, Amber, was recipient of one small act of Kindness, which ended up going a long way. On her way to her University, she always passes thru a toll road. One day as she was coming thru, she reached out for her purse to pay the toll, but the toll both attendant told her not to worry about it because the person in front of her had already paid for her toll. Surprised, she insisted, “but I am traveling alone”. Yes I understand said the toll both attendant, however the the gentleman instructed to tell the next person to come to have a great day, the toll has already been paid. The young lady thanked the attendant and drove off beaming with joy. She could not wait to share her blessing with the first person she meets. 

That small gesture of kindness started a chain reaction. Her recipient shared it with some friends at the University and many of them started doing the same thing, thus making the day for a lot of people. Amber decided to pay it forward one day while she was at the grocery store. Behind her was a lady with a toddler who was very antsy, noticing the uneasy situation, Amber decided to let the woman check out before her. The lady thanked her profusely, and shared with her that her family and herself just moved there few weeks ago but they were already wondering if they made the right decision, because people seemed very uncaring that they wondered if it was the right place to raise their children. She told Amber that her gesture was the sign she was looking for to make her decision and now she has decided to stay.

If we agree on the saying that what goes around comes around, then we can not afford not be kind. Since “whatever is sent out will return to the source” why would anyone send out something they do not want to come back to them. Be kind to anyone you meet in your day, you do not know where  they are in their lives and your small gesture can save a life. More importantly it will come back to your multiplied. As human beings, sooner or later we will need some help, assistance of some kind, someday, somehow. If we do not plant the seed today, there will not be anything to reap tomorrow.

One thing to remember is that people respond in kind. If we are good towards someone, they will be good to us in return. The golden rule states “do unto people what you would have them do unto you”. In “The Winner’s Attitude” Jeff and Val Gee explain that we all have 3 types of brains:

* The reptilian brain, which is in charge of everything we have no control of and that is vital for our life, like our breathing, our blood circulation, so and on and so forth.

* The animal brain, which is in charge of our survival, this brain is born from fear, lives in fear, operates in fear. When operating from this brain we can not be kind and will see any act of kindness from other people as suspicious. That’s when we are in fight of flight mode.

* Last but not least, we have the brain that separates us from the animals and that is the human brain. This one is born in love, lives and operates in loves. When we are functioning from our human brain, we are caring, compassionate, loving and kind.

The question is how do we switching from our animal brain to our human brain, since we do not need to worry about our reptilian brain. To learn more about that, please read “The Winner’s Attitude” it will teach how. Once you are armed with that information, make it a rule to always switch to your human brain when dealing with people, as, indeed they respond in kind and what you send out will sooner or later come back to you.

Being kind not only helps make the world a better place but also it also offers health benefits. Scientific studies have convincing evidence that kind people are healthy and happier. Those studies have demonstrated that kindness has a positive effect on the immune system and increase the level of serotonin, which is a substance our body produces to regulate and control the activity of certain cells or organs. Serotonin plays a very important part in our mood, sleep, etc.; it makes us feel good and peaceful.

Allen Lucas, the former executive director of the Institute for Advancement of Health made a brilliant study on the benefits of being kind, the findings of which he shared in his book The Power of Doing Good: The Health and Spiritual benefits of Helping others. He concluded that “performing kind acts reverses feelings of depression, provide a sense of social connection. It also reduces feelings of hostility and isolation that can cause such condition as stress, overeating and ulcers.”

All in all, I believe that being kind is a no brainer, it not only makes you and the other person feels good, but also has a positive lasting effects on everyone. It also plays a role on your success, I have yet to meet an successful person who is not kind. Let us be kind to one another for our common good!

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