What’s the better deed?

Today’s is a guest post from a very good friend of mine, Babayel Diallo. Baba is an entrepreneur whose ideas on personal development are very powerful and worth sharing. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in psychology. He is a reader and a contributor of this blog. You can follow him on Facebook here..

There is a story about three philanthropists and a king.  Each of these individuals was very powerful in his own rights.  The king was so powerful he could put who ever he wanted in prison without anyone questioning his authority.  And so he did for there were thousands of prisoners he kept in captivity. There come three philanthropists who were very rich and very powerful in their own rights to assess the situation and make decisions.


The first came to visit the prisoners and said, these prisoners are malnourished.  I own the biggest farms in the land that could provide better food and better nutrition for these prisoners.  I therefore will provide them with all the good food they want as long as they want.  So he said, so he did.

The second philanthropist equally rich as the first came to visit the prisoners and said wow, the conditions of detention for these prisoners are awful, for they sleep on the hard floor, have no showers, and pie on their cells.  I will provide bedding, and build bathroom for all the prisoners to take shower and stay clean, and healthy.  So he said, so he did.

The third philanthropist, certainly richer in wisdom and perception, came and bought from the king the keys which opened the prisons cells and freed all the prisoners.

This little story makes us ponder about our own dimension of kindness, and gracefulness as human beings.  In other words, what kind of deeds are we bringing to our children, our family, to the world, and to ourselves?

What kind of giver are we for our children?

What kind of giver are we for our friends and loved ones?

More importantly, what kind of giver are we for ourselves?

Are we the father or mother who are obsessed about throwing this big wedding party for our son or daughter just for the world to applaud? Or are we the parent who genuinely gives our children the true love, nurturing and encouragement they need early on to take life on successfully and allowing them to put an even better wedding for themselves later in life?

Are we the parent whose best philosophy on children’s education is control or instead are we the parent who would coach our children to find their own song in life and dance to the beat of the music they only can hear? Are we the friend who only want to impress others, instead of inspiring our friends and loved ones to be the best they can be? Are we living a purposeful life, the greatest gift to the self?

And to quote one of the greatest teacher of all times, on the subject of giving: “If you give much, but only of yours possessions, you gave a little.  If you give a little, but of yourself, you gave much”.  Khalil Gibran.

It’s All About Love my friends! It’s All About Love.


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