Motivation Wednesday # 7

Are you blocking the channel of your good? Many people are under the impression that giving will deprive them and enrich the recipient. Others think that they just do not have anything to give, specially when they are broke. However the truth is quite the opposite. Giving will help us get more, as a matter of fact, we can not get until we give and we do always have something to give. We can always give a smile, comforting words or a helping hand to name a few. Today I would to share with you some fundamental truths about giving from Catherine Ponder. If you are not familiar with her, I would recommend you pick and read her book “The Secret of Unlimited Prosperity“. In that book she writes:

By the act of giving, you open the way for the things within your reach to appear quickly. These things have been wanting to come to you all the time, but were blocked by your lack of giving, because there was no free channel through which they could appear. Your giving opens and frees the channel. Always when there seems to be delay, confusion, or a block between you and your good, that block lies within you, and not in some outside circumstance or personality. When you give under divine guidance, you dissolve the block and open a channel for your good. Then nothing can stop its manifestation in your life! (Nothing has stopped its manifestation previously but your own lack of giving.)

Question: Can you think of any instance where you know you get what you wanted by giving something first? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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