Motivation Wednesday # 14: From chess to success

There are lot good people out there whose sole purpose in life is to make the world a better place. I subscribed to that cause a very long time ago. I spent most of my waking time, reading about and researching people like that. Recent I virtually “met” a gentle named Orrion Hudson, who in my opinion, is doing a tremendous job, bringing his bricks for the construction of this edifice called the world.

According to the website, “Orrin Hudson was watching the news one night in 2000 when he saw a story about seven employees shot, execution style—for $2,000 in the cash register. That’s when he realized evil prevails when good people do nothing. He sold his business and founded Be Someone to teach something positive to inner city kids: the focus, discipline and patience required by the game of chess.”

Mr. Hudson is changing young people’s lives “one move at time”. Like this master motivational speaker, I truly believe that our success in life should not be measured by how much money we have at the bank, or how many cars or houses we own. But rather, by how many lives we change for the better by lifting people up when they are down, or just believing in them until they can believe in themselves. Our success in this life should be ultimately evaluated by whether we left this world better than we found it.

Today’s Wednesday Motivation, obviously, is from Mr. Orrion Hudson of If you have kids in your family, you do not want to miss this video. I found it very inspiring and was very touched by it. Watch out for the definition of K.A.S.H

Question: Do you believe that the game of chess can teach young people success skills? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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