Life is beautiful if you can’t see it…

Certainly you have heard the statements “it doesn’t matter what life throw at you, what’s important is how you take it and what you make of it” or “when life gives you a lemon make lemonade”. I recently met an intelligent and outgoing lady, whom I will call her J., who is visiting the US with her family. J. lives by those principles whether she realizes or not. She and her family (husband, daughter, and in-laws) came to the US to celebrate her husband’s 40th birthday’s in Vail, Colorado. They were having a very good time together as a family but were not prepared for what came next.

P., J.’s husband, whom I saw in a picture he was in with their 11 months old daughter, is a very good looking young man, full of life. He fell during one of his ski sessions in the beautiful mountains of Vail. Unconscious and unresponsive, he was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with  a brain hemorrhage. The family was of course devastated, they all blamed the fall for it, but the doctors found otherwise, they discovered that the brain hemorrhage was a pre-existent condition.

Any wife would be completed lost and devoured by such horrendous news about her husband, but J. is a strong woman. Here is how she is taking the situation “it was meant to happen here and it is a good thing!” But how? You might ask. Swedish Medical Center, the hospital where P. is being treated is the best in the world in terms of brain care. The reason why they learned about P.’s disease here, she says, is a blessing, because had it happened anywhere else in the world, he might have not received the best care possible that he needs. That’s what he is getting right now. after almost a couple of weeks of sleep, he is starting now to respond to the small requests of the doctors and the family, requests like “blink your eyes if you can hear me” or squeeze my hand if you can feel my touch”

I pray with all my heart, and I ask for everyone who reads this to do the same, for P. to have full and prompt recovery. He has a beautiful 11 months old daughter who misses to play with her dad, who likes her dad to take her to her first day of school, attend her graduation ceremony and ultimately give her hand in marriage.

Life is indeed beautiful, if you can’t see it! If you can’t see the doom and gloom, if do your best to see the good in everything, everyone, and everywhere then of course life becomes a beauty. If you refuse to see the negative, analyze, look at, go thru any situation with a positive mental attitude, then life is a beautiful. It, is the dark side, the impossible, the limitation, anything that prevents you to be the best you can be regardless of your situation.

Together let’s pray for Paul, may he recover from this and continue to live a long and fruitful life, a life of bliss and significance with his beautiful family! Amen!

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