In this one life, how do you want to be remembered?

We all have one life, don’t we? So why in the world do some people act like they have many shots at it? I have no idea, but I know this: Life is too short to be spent wondering what you could have been, or could have done. We need to choose carefully how to live this one life, what to do in this one life, how to treat people in this one life, because, guess what? we will not have the chance to do it all over again once we pass. One way to help you live the best life possible, whatever that means for you, is to ask yourself “how do I want to be remembered”? Thinking about our legacy now, will help us focus on good choices, make the right decisions. At the end of the day people will remember us by how we lived not how we could have lived.


Your life is important and you only live once so make it right the first and only time! It is often said that success is a planned event, so should be your life if you want to be a meaningful specific instead of a wandering generality. Wandering generalities are not remembered when they pass. But how do you avoid being one? Follow three simple steps: find your passion, plan your purpose and execute your plan.

1. Find your passion. You’ve certainly heard the saying “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. That “what you love” is your passion. Your passion is what you will do greatly and enthusiastically even if you are not paid for it. For most of us we can find this by revisiting our childhood, listing all the things we used to enjoy playing as a child, when we were acting as if…When you find that one thing, that thing you would love to do more that anything else in the world, you have found your passion. However, you will have to be bold and courageous to accept it, because it will not be always practical and it might not sit well with the people in your life. But know this: it is yours and no one else’s, it is your purpose in life, and you have to pursue it with all you’ve got. A good movie that illustrates this point very well is Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds”. I will not spoil it for you, just  watch it when you get a chance, you will be glad you did.

2. Plan your purpose. Now that you have discovered what you love, your purpose, what you’ve been brought in this one life to do, you need to plan it. Planning is your road map to anything that you want to accomplish, as motivational guru, Brian Tracey likes to say, “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail”. It is usually very easy to “go with the flow” and that’s why some people make no plans at all, or they would spent more time planning a vacation than they would planning their own life. Part of planning your purpose will be setting specific goals with deadlines, looking at them daily but also reviewing them very often. Always remember that the only reason why a goal is not achieved is either it is unrealistic or the necessary efforts are not put into it. If your purpose is to make a make a difference in the world by adding value to people’s lives, setting up a goal to help a few people to meet their basic needs every year is very doable if you are willing to put the efforts into it. But getting millions of people out of poverty in the same time frame might be unrealistic.

3. Execute your plan. Proper planning without action will not bring about results. We have to understand that the difference between having dreams and living them is massive action. A plan needs to be executed if it is to serve you at all. People play a very important role at this stage of the game, since we can not achieve much without the help of others. Executing our plan will include identifying the people who already achieved what we want and seek their help. Living our purpose means living a life of no excuses, because no matter what reasons we can come up with as to why we can not get what we want, someone in the same or similar situations is overcoming them while we are sitting down and whining about them. The choice is ours, do we want to leave a legacy that’s worth remembering or do we want to be forgotten once we pass? God already endowed you and me with the power to live a meaningful life, a life of abundance; what we do with that power is totally up to us. One thing I know is we will only live once, so let’s make it count by being willing to serve others.

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