Examine most carefully the things you desire most.

One of the key prerequisites for success is to know exactly what you, then and only then can you gather the necessary tools and attract the necessary help that will facilitate your achievement. If you are familiar with the writings of Dr. Napoleon Hill, you already know the importance he puts on having a definitely major aim. Today I am sharing with you his take on that subject, in clear, concise words that you might want to copy somewhere and read them from time to time as a reminder to cultivate the art of having a definite goal in life.

“Far too many people spend more time planning their weekends than their lives. Then they suddenly realize that life has passed them by and they weren’t even aware it was happening. When you intently study what you most desire in life, you begin to focus your mind and concentrate your energy upon that which you wish to achieve. One of the great advantages of having a definite goal for your life is that it helps you prioritize your activities. When your major purpose is clear in your mind, it is unnecessary to analyze each individual situation. You know automatically whether your actions will move you toward your goal or away from it. You can then use all of your resources — time, money, and energy — to best advantage.” Dr. Napoleon Hill


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