Have you checked your attitude lately?

Contrary to popular belief, your aptitude does not always determine your performance. You can be very intellectually capable or very physically able but if you have a bad attitude, your performance can and will seriously be undermined. What is attitude? It is usually defined or explained as a “an inward feeling expressed by behavior” So, really! Do we just have to monitor our behavior in order to improve our performance? Is it that simple? I believe there is more to it than that. The way we perceive and interpret our circumstances and things around us, our own self-esteem have a direct impact on how we perform. 

Basically, we do have a choice! It is not what life throws at us that is important but how we react to it. We all heard the saying when life gives you lemon, make lemonade! There is no need complaining about it, it is just like crying over spilled milk, not helpful. That is why happiness and inner peace come from within. All the materiel possession or money in the world will not make you happy if you have a negative mental attitude. Likewise all the security in the world will not give you inner peace if you always look for the bad.

Checking on your attitude on regally basis is not only a good habit, but I believe it is vital. We all drift from time to time. We can have a bad day from every now and then but we should not dwell on it. That is why paying attention to how we feel is so important. We can change the feeling before it becomes behavior, which will lead to habit. A habit of bad attitude is undoubtedly a good recipe for failure. The radiance that a positive mental attitude generates attracts like minded-people into your life  and that alone is healthy. Since people respond in kind if you deal with them with a positive attitude they will reciprocate.

Most of the time our attitude is the only difference between our success and our failure. Since we are all born with the same human capacities, our differences come from the lenses thru which we see the world, as successes or failures; as victims or victors. Jim Rohn, once said that our level of success is not determined by our income but by our philosophy, which in my opinion is very akin to our attitude towards life. Napoleon Hill tells us that our mental attitude is the medium by which we can balance our life and our relationship to people and circumstances to attract what we desire.

All in all, we should remember that what we focus on expands, therefore we should keep a positive mental attitude and keep our thinking on what we want and not what we do not want.

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