Are you really worthy of Success?

Reading the title, you might be thinking that it is a silly question, that of course you are worthy of success, but really, are you? Deep down inside you, do you feel worthy of being successful? The fact of the matter is many people do not even think about this at all, until the question is asked. It is natural tendency to believe that one should be successful. However, many are the people with this belief, whose feelings and wants are not congruent with their actions.


Personally, I truly believe that every human being is worthy of success, including you and yes I mean you. My faith on that is based on the fact that our Creator did not make any junk, we were all created in His own image. So really the world is our oyster, we can be, do, have anything that is in our hearts desire provided that we work on one thing and one thing only and that is our sense of worthiness.

The world’s best athletes, no matter how talented they are, or no matter how much work and efforts they put in training themselves, will not defeat even a weaker opponent until they believe they are worthy of victory. Henry Ford once said that “whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right”, that statement is true for you regardless of your race, color or creed, situation or circumstances. It is true that we all have, sometimes, limiting thoughts, that’s natural and normal, but the important thing is not to dwell on them too long, because what we focus on expands. Limiting beliefs come to us, usually when we focus on our failures rather than our successes, no matter how small.

We were all born with everything we need to make it in this world, yet lot of people go on to lead a “life of quite desperation”, to borrow the term from Henry David Thoreau, simply because they do not take to the time  to hone their got given talents. The illustration of this point can be found into many stories of rising from rugs to riches, stories of people who started from nothing, people who were not born with silver spoons in their mouths, people who beat all odds and make it to the top. How do they do it though? you might ask, I believe those kinds of successes are accomplished with what I heard Zig Ziglar called “intelligent ignorance”, which is basically, the state of not knowing what you can not do, therefore you go ahead and do it.

There is a beautiful story of two boys who were playing near a frozen lake, when one of them stepped onto thin ice and went under the freezing water, the other boy was very desperate to save his friend, but no one was there to help. He was not strong enough to break the ice and free his friend. He looked around and the only thing he could see was a tree, he went and pull of huge branch off that tree and started pounding on the ice, in a matter of minutes he was able to dig a large enough hole to free his buddy. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they were astonished  and had a lot of questions on how this frail boy was able to dig that big hole on the ice with that big branch. They all called it a miracle, when a very old man approached the scene and said, I will tell you exactly how he did it, the eager onlookers said “how?” the old man continued “this boy was able to do what he did, because there was no one here to tell him that he could not do it” That’s the power of intelligent ignorance.

As this story illustrates, if only we had no idea that we could fail, everything we attempt would be a success. if only we could ignore our limiting thoughts, our sense of worthiness would become crystal clear to us. if only we could take on a project and finish it, we would see that self-confidence comes from building a series of successes. Those successes do not have to be big but they have to be celebrated because you are worthy of every single one them. You, and I really mean you, the reader, are the most important creation that ever lived and that will ever lived, so go achieve your dreams!


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